About Me

I'm small town. To some, that explains everything, and to others it means nothing. :) Seriously, it's true. I grew up and still live on a farm in rural South Dakota-something I absolutely love. I love the lifestyle and the animals and the smell-yes, that's correct, the smell. Living here also proves to be beneficial when winter rolls around and I can soak up the cold, snow, and wind-winter is my favorite season.

I'm traditional and enjoy the simple things in life. This translates into my love for God, country, quilting, crocheting, gardening, and just enjoying the scenery. I love to travel and experience other cultures and foods. In my 25 years I've had many opportunities to serve, visit, and work in various countries. I attended Greenville College in Illinois where I preserved my love for small towns.  It was during my time there that I fully recognized just how much I want to be involved in the world.  I’m sure you’ll hear many stories of my experiences that led to this realization.  Now, it’s working toward that dream.

I'm also really into meteorology and do a bit of severe weather spotting whenever I get the opportunity.  I grew up reading the forecast daily and observing surface maps, radars, and others to learn to do a bit of forecasting on my own.  I love studying and researching weather phenomenon, time permitting.  I've also started to get into photography a bit more because of all of the traveling I do and the storm spotting.  Landscape and nature photographs help to preserve the views and images I love so much and to solidify the memories being made.  I love to talk about these things along with history and geography and maps. Not your typical subjects but it's what I love.

As you may be able to tell, I have numerous interests and have really only skimmed the surface with them.  Being an avid reader and sports fan and being a member of my church’s worship team largely takes up the remainder of my time.  I squeeze in other activities and volunteer opportunities whenever I get the chance.  I love answering questions and helping to create understanding, so feel free to ask away-if nothing else, the worse that can happen is for me to say no.  :)